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Kes Woodward

Thursday, June 7th 2012 by Pat

I was recently commissioned by the Rasmuson Foundation to create a mini-doc on Kes Woodward, a visual artist from Fairbanks and the recipient of the 2012 Distinguished Artist Award.

Kes was an incredibly gracious host. Lou and I arrived at a time when he was between studios, between homes, and between lives but he found room for us and carved out two days from a very busy schedule.

We talked about life and art and wandered around in the birch forests of Fairbanks as the summer greens were beginning to overpower the chalky dusty colors of early spring, it was a wonderful experience.

We shot way too much footage for this tiny documentary and there was so much more I wish I could have included.

Kes reads every Wednesday morning to a class of Kindergarten students, he’s active in his community and church, he’s an explorer looking within and without to discover truths about the world and he shares his discoveries with anyone who is willing to listen.

Kes has a rare and subtle enthusiasm that fills you with curiosity and a calming sense that the world might be an ok place.

This film also features the poetry of state writer laureate Peggy Shumaker and the instrumental compositions of Marian Call. It was quite an impressive group of Alaskan artists on board for this project.

7 Responses to “Kes Woodward”

  1. Kes Woodward says:

    Thanks so much, Pat, for your too-kind words, and for your fabulous video. As I told people at the Rasmuson event who were praising your video to the skies after it was shown, it was a delight and a privilege to get to work with you and Lou, and I really hope to get to collaborate on something with you in the future. So many thanks and all my best. Kes

  2. John Straley says:

    Beautiful film Pat. I didn’t think anyone could do justice to Kes’s work and his fine sensitive southern nature, but you did. The shots are so sure, and well framed. No irritating filmaker quirks that I’ve come to hate. Just a beautiful rendering. Loved Marion’s music too, makes it all work. Great job.

  3. Sandra Pierce says:

    WOW! What a beautiful story about a friend from way back. It brought tears to my eyes, and allowed me to learn so much more that I thought I knew about my friend, Kes. Kes, your work is beautiful, as I have told you before. However, I will now look at it, and you, in an entirely different light! Thanks for allowing Pat to film you. Great work, Pat. Of course, you had a special person to work with!

  4. Dan DeRoux says:

    Excellent job!
    Kes can’t be adequately described without his work and somehow accessing that smile and thoughtful yet breezy Southern manner. Words alone can’t do it and I am failing miserably at this moment….so THANK YOU!

  5. Marilyn Price Carrara says:

    Very touching documentary. Kes, your paintings and your words are a beautiful gift of life – life lived and life lost. You have many talents. Sandra, thank you for sharing.

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