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Comic Con 5k – 2012

Tuesday, June 26th 2012 by Pat

I’m going to Comic-Con this July and I’m going to eat a ton of ice cream and get a bad case of booth hunch. It is known.

I thought I’d combat the problem by bringing my running shoes, wearing a Flash shirt, and going for a run along the waterfront.

If you’re free I hope you’ll join me. Saturday afternoon looks ideal and I’ll announce a time once I get a look at the schedule.

I’m kind of over flash mobs but I haven’t seen nearly enough Flash mobs so if everyone wants to dress up as The Flash, that would be cool. Or the Juggernaut or Quicksilver or some other running themed comic characters… or yourself. Of course you can come as yourself but I hope you feel out of place dressed as a normal human and at least wear a red shirt with a yellow lighting bolt taped to it.

Right. Disclaimer. This isn’t an official event, this isn’t any kind of event, running is incredibly dangerous and not for the faint of heart. I can’t be responsible if you trip on an invisible jet and skin your knee.

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  1. haryaziz says:

    amazing, i like it