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Sky Surfing

Wednesday, October 31st 2012 by Pat

I suppose this one is fairly similar to my other comic about flying, there’s just something magical, inspiring, and terrifying about floating through the sky in the belly of an aluminum tube… even if the math does work out.

I’m told the math works out. It does, right? It’s sure going to be awkward when someone actually checks the math and discovers giant metal birds really shouldn’t be able to soar across the Earth.

Of course I’m thinking about flying because I’ve been recently. I’m off trekking about Europe with Marian Call and Scott Barkan, it’s a really wonderful experience, I recommend it.

Here’s a picture of me with a ton of camera gear strapped to my front, a bag of perpetually dirty clothes on my back and a couple giant boxes full of CDs and miscellaneous gig equipment. Escalators are easy. The fun part is when we hit a narrow stairwell or an overcrowded train.

Home soon. Loads of photos and sketches to share when I get back.

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