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Check your Facts and Cite your Sources

Monday, January 7th 2013 by Pat

Tired of disputing fast flying infographics with logic and research? Maybe you’ll find this useful…

Check your Facts

The illustration isn’t my own, I just changed the text. The art is from the brilliant ride sharing WWII poster by Weimer Pursell.

10 Responses to “Check your Facts and Cite your Sources”

  1. Noah Easterly says:

    FYI: this popped up on

  2. Look Who's Talking says:

    Using Hitler to disparage everything and everybody, no matter how minor it is, shows an impressive lack of perspective and sensitivity. Such an inflationary use of Hitler devalues the utter inhumanity of his regime, including the brutal death of millions and millions of innocent people, by equating it with largely irrelevant things such as poorly cited infographics. (Of course one should follow good academic practice and cite one’s sources, but how does that compare to wars of aggression and concentration camps?!) I find this highly offensive and would suggest that those involved do some proper research on the subject, which is equally good academic practice, before going out on a limb only to crack a tasteless joke, thereby demeaning millions of victims (some of which are still alive). So, when you SHARE poorly researched “funny” graphics, check the context and think FIRST!

    • Pat says:

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment, this is something I’ve been thinking about and will address in a post this weekend.

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  4. […] While trying to find my background for this blog, I came across this gem. I don’t really understand the logic of it, but it made me laugh really hard. I agree it’s good to check facts and cite sources. […]

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  6. Brilliant remix of the original poster. Saw it shared on Facebook, but as they didn’t cite THEIR source, had to track it down. Love it.

  7. DAKrolak says:

    Love the original, and adore what you’ve done to reimagine it!!! BRAVO!!!!

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