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Bacteria & Breakups

Monday, April 1st 2013 by Pat


Reality shows are the bottom of the barrel, they might even be the drippings that stick to the side of the barrel. In fact, I’m not entirely certain they came from the barrel to begin with. I’m pretty sure that’s what a guy like me is supposed to think of reality television.

That said, I’m loving Strip Search, the web comics reality show produced by Penny Arcade and Loading Ready Run.

I applied for the show, not because I wanted to win but because I liked the idea of running through a creative gantelope. Gauntlet. Whatever. Gantelope is a much better word.

I didn’t make the cut but I decided I should try doing one of the challenges anyway. For elimination rounds, the artists have 90 minutes to create a comic on a theme. I didn’t have Mike and Jerry taunting me the whole time but it was still difficult. I usually take between 6-10 hours to make a comic so this was a little harder than I normally push myself.

The theme I was given by @uncle_vinny was Bacteria and Breakups.

One Response to “Bacteria & Breakups”

  1. Aaron says:

    This is really good.

    Next elimination round, you should pause it when they reveal the key words and take 90 to make a comic. It would be fun to compare with those in competition.

    I just caught up on the show and was a little disappointed with who got sent home…