Alaska Robotics

The Cost of Public Service

Sunday, November 17th 2013 by Pat

It’s the final week on our Kickstarter Campaign for Alaska Robotics News and I’ll be counting down here by revisiting some of our favorite political satire projects from over the years. I hope you’ll donate to the project so we can make more and better episodes of our upcoming series.

Buy Back Alaska

Buy Back Alaska was our response to the VECO scandal, the FBI had just raided the state capitol building and each day revealed more damning evidence of corrupt Alaskan politicians acting as industry stooges.

The biggest surprise was that no one was surprised.

I’ve never been happy with the resolution of the VECO scandal, the feds botched their case and the state didn’t lift a finger. The whole affair points to incredibly poor ethical standards and a lack of accountability that likely persists today.

I guess that’s good if you’re in the satire business.

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