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Alaska Robotics News – Preparing for Launch

Tuesday, January 7th 2014 by Pat

News Crew

We had our first big writing meeting last night and generated some great segments for the show. I know you want to feel immersed in the creative process so I’ve scanned a copy of Lou’s notes to share with you…

lou notes2

The 2014 legislative session starts January 21st and we’re aiming to have a short preview episode out the door on the 20th and then begin regular reporting on legislative news within a week or two.

360 North Interview

We’re doing a big interview Wednesday with Jeremy Hseih at 360 North. Tune in online or join us in the studio for the most wonderful, awkward, uninformed hour of television this year.

More information at 360 North

Where to Watch

You can watch Alaska Robotics News right here on our website or at our YouTube Channel.

All backers who made a pledge of at least $15 will also receive exclusive access to a digital download directory via a super top secret link.


We’re sure you’re going to have feedback as we march forward and we’re happy to hear it. You are the inside circle, you supported us and we want to create something you can be proud of backing. If you have news tips related or insider information on Alaskan issues, feel free to email us anytime at:

That’s newz with a Z and the number 4. We wanted it to be easy to remember.

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