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Now Hiring!

Friday, February 7th 2014 by Pat

help wanted

We’re looking for hard-working, energetic and creative employees for full time or part time employment at both the Alaska Robotics Gallery and on the media production side of things at Lucid Reverie.

Lucid Reverie is a small media firm focused on website design and video production. Our website work is primarily PHP/MySql based and many of our sites rely on WordPress as a content management system. We use Adobe products and have a few Linux boxes and a web server to keep an eye on. We especially like to create mini-documentaries and other projects where our distinct voice can show through.

We also pick up media duplication, digitization, graphic design, animation and other miscellaneous projects.

Alaska Robotics is a label we’ve created for our personal projects, short films and comics. We opened the Alaska Robotics Gallery almost two years ago and we’re seeking flexible, part-time employees to work retail.

We are most interested in employees who demonstrate a wide range of skill, intelligence, creative aptitude, and vision.

To apply for a position, please drop off a current resume and a brief cover letter at the gallery. 220 Front St. Juneau, AK.

4 Responses to “Now Hiring!”

  1. Andrew Dubay says:


    I would love to have the opportunity to work with you guys but i was wondering what the pay range was ?


  2. Bogdan Pou says:

    I would really consider a job like this

  3. Averi Cokeley says:

    Hello! I was wondering when you would need this position filled by, or if it already is?

    I go to college out of Juneau, but I’m going to be there over the summer, so it might be a bit hard to hand you a physical copy of my resume, as I won’t be there for another month.

    I realize my hope to work for you is a bit far-fetched, and I would only be able to over the summer, but it has been a hope of mine to work somewhere that I love.

    My passion is art, comics, manga, and drawing in general, so even if my request is unreasonable, I would like to take the opportunity to show my appreciation for a store and company I’d admired since it was located across the hall from Heritage! :)

    Thank you for making my home town so much more entertaining!

    P.S. …now that I’m looking at it, this is a bit long, isn’t it? Hmm….sorry…