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Senator Begich on Alaska Robotics News

Monday, March 17th 2014 by Pat

In case you haven’t been keeping up on the news, the frog is boiling.

The NSA, CIA and even local police forces are engaging in massive warrantless surveillance efforts and hiding in the shadows of secret courts.

The concept of consumer rights is out the window and the government is not only gobbling up data on its own citizens but sharing that raw intelligence with foreign entities.

Back in 1972, when some people broke into an office building to read a few documents, the world erupted, a president resigned.

A couple generations past and the burglars are in the building again. Every building. Everywhere. All at once. But this time around, we’re too content to do anything. We’ve slipped into the role of sedentary extras from a dystopian novel about the surveillance state.

I don’t want to think it’s because we’re lazy, maybe it’s just too big to chew on. It’s hard to feel like you’re making progress with an issue this size. That’s why we need to remember the mosquito.

In Alaska, mosquitoes start out small, they buzz around taking little bites and they grow with every meal.  They clump and swarm and find strength in numbers and by the end of summer those things are bigger than helicopters, able to carry away a moose calf.

That is how to approach large issues, small bites.  Talk to your representative. Give something to the ACLU or the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Make a sign. Create a low-budget political satire show and get your state senator to make an appearance. Express your thoughts. Do a dance. Get down tonight.

Episode four is due out next weekend, we just wanted to share the Begich piece early. Thanks to the senator and his great staffers for making it such a fun shoot.

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