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Peggy Shumaker

Thursday, May 29th 2014 by Pat

I was recently commissioned to create a short film about Peggy Shumaker, recipient of the 2014 Rasmuson Foundation Distinguished Artist Award.

Aaron and I flew up to Fairbanks for a few days in the spring and had a great time interviewing Peggy and getting more familiar with her work.

For more perspective, I strongly recommend reading her memoir, Just Breathe Normally. Much of what we tried to share here was drawn from the framework of that memoir.

A poetic side note, the shattered wind chimes in the documentary are the actual chimes from her story. She found them shattered on the deck just a few days before we arrived to film and I thought it would be good to include them as both an object of significance and a visual metaphor.

The completely caved-in tire is from her accident as well.

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