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Dying on the Kickstarter Vine

Friday, December 12th 2014 by Pat

Here’s a piece on Alaska Robotics News that ran on KTOO this morning. The interview and article was conducted by Kayla Desroches.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the project lately.

It’s hard to ask for money and it’s harder to ask for money unsuccessfully… And it’s even harder to do an interview about your Kickstarter project while it’s failing.

I’ve been sorting through all these weird and complex feelings as I’ve watched our news project languish and die on the Kickstarter vine. Sure, little sparks of hope here and there but not nearly enough fire to keep the cold out.

I should be clear, I don’t feel that we’re owed anything. I recognize our, my, incredible privilege. We have technology, community and our speech is protected by the crumbling framework of democracy. I’m a white male in a nice town surrounded by nice people. I don’t have to put up with much and I get my way a lot of the time.

I firmly believe it would be better for people to give their money to the Glory Hole (Yes, that’s really the name of our local shelter, don’t ask or look it up on Google Image Search). But I did hope there might be a little left over to keep this project moving forward.

It’s just nice to feel that a project you’ve put your heart into has value and it’s hard to not equate that feeling of value with a number on a third-party website writ in a supreme font size.

I think about what went wrong. Timing? Didn’t get the word out? Too niche? Maybe people know we’ll just keep making things without any money or support? Maybe it’s just politics?

People hate politics. I hate politics. It’s why there’s a secret sense of relief building in my stomach. It’s hard to be so close to that dark miasma of power and deeply weird shit but I think it’s important to keep pulling at it and just hope it comes apart or forms a crack or something.

It’s too early to give a concession speech. There are people who love what we do and for them I’ll hang on tighter than Mark Begich. This project could still fund. But if we do fail to meet our goal on Monday, I promise not to concede until at least Wednesday.

So yeah, I’m a little bummed but if we don’t hit our goal, I have about a hundred other projects I’m excited about. I’m an artist. I’m smart. And I’m just crazy enough that I might happen.

Big love to Aaron, Lou, Jamie, Marian, Mom, Dad and everyone else who so easily find it in themselves to support me, work with me and love me.

Geez. Mushy. I told you, weird and complex feelings.


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