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Happy Post

Wednesday, January 14th 2015 by Pat

My friend Dayne says the website needs a happy message related to our successful Kickstarter. He’s right.

HOLY BAT-COW! We did it! YOU did it!!! We made our funding goal and get to do another session of Alaska Robotics News!

Kickstarter Dance

I thought we were doomed to fail but there was an incredible outpouring of support at the last minute and everything worked out. I can’t thank our backers enough, we’re overwhelmed by your generosity.

We’ll get under way on our first segments in the next week or two. We’ve already been kicking around ideas and reading prefiled legislation.

I’m also planning to relaunch Boring Talk as a podcast instead of a video series. I think it will be easier to listen to in that format.

If you’re not familiar with Boring Talk, check out my exit interview with Representative Beth Kerttula.

If you missed our Kickstarter project and still want to support Alaska Robotics News, consider dropping by our office with a suitcase full of cash or buying something from our gallery.

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