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Robots vs. Zombies

Friday, August 5th 2011 by Pat

Here’s an interview we did at comic-con for, an online zombie survival guide.

I’m standing by my answer, robots are much more dangerous than zombies. Robots have lasers and all kinds of wicked people killing technology while zombies pretty much just have perseverance and hunger.

Sure, it’s the kind of deep down hunger that wins football games but they’re so hopelessly outclassed. Robots can fly, they can be tiny, they can be giant, they can shoot missiles at you from space. They can repair themselves. Robots all the way.

The only way zombies would even stand a chance at wiping us out as fast as robots is if the disease mutated in such a way that it became airborne or could be carried by animals and insects. Even then, I’m going with robots. They’re a lot harder to take out with a baseball bat or an axe.

I guess it could be argued that robots require a lot of maintenance and resources but they know math. And that’s it, my final argument in favor of robots..

Math always wins.

San Diego Comic Con 2011

Sunday, July 17th 2011 by Pat

We’ll be at Comic Con and I wanted to come up with an easy way for people to find us in the crowd.. I made this instead:

Earth Elementals Occupy Liechtenstein

We’re located over on the outskirts of webcomics land, the orange zone on your handy dandy exhibition map.

We’ll have Alaska Robotics comics as well as several limited edition giclĂ©e prints and, for the first time, we’ll be selling these neodymium robot magnets.

They’re super strong and should be able to hold quite a lot of junk to a fridge or filing cabinet.

We’ll have gobs of shirts, this one is our popular Last Unicorn parody which is also available as a print.

Lou’s Hentai design is making the trip, we usually call it Thai Chicken when we’re too embarrassed to explain what Hentai is to a nice grandmother.

We might even have a Marian Call helping out at our booth from time to time. Who knows.

Hope to see you there!


Friday, June 10th 2011 by Pat

I had about ten hours on the ground in Juneau after returning from two and a half weeks in Europe and then I jumped back on a plane and flew north.

I spent some time in Anchorage visiting old friends, making new ones, and then flapped on up to Kotzebue for the 2011 Emerging Leaders Dialogue. It sounded like it had potential to be a dry, crusty political event but it turned out to be an absolutely incredible experience. Formative, inspiring, educational.

The best part of the trip was drawing with all the kids along the way. I’ve never been very confident in my drawing skills, I’m still not, but it’s fun to push that fear aside and draw in front of people where all the mistakes and miracles happen out in the open.

I posted a big bundle of pictures on Flickr if you’d like to see more…

Nidaros Cathedral

Monday, May 30th 2011 by Pat

This sketch doesn’t do it justice but The Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Norway was one of my favorite buildings of those I was able to visit in Europe.

I’m back to Juneau for the moment and fighting jet lag as I prepare to leave again this morning for a trip to Kotzebue by way of Anchorage.

Les Invalides

Tuesday, May 24th 2011 by Pat

On the Road

Monday, May 23rd 2011 by Pat

I sent off a bundle of postcards from Norway and Denmark, I’ve got a few more to send from Amsterdam and Paris. If you want one, get me your mailing address and I’ll see what I can do.

After the World Beard & Moustache Championships wrapped, our group split and went out to see a bit of the world. The last I heard from Aaron he was in Norway riding around in a sports car with his great great great grandfather’s brother’s great grandson and working his way toward the beaches in Spain. I think Lou and Alli are probably in Italy by now.

Here’s a sketch I did of a house at Broek in Waterland, a small town outside Amsterdam. I slipped it in with the mail when I left.

WBMC – National Day Parade

Tuesday, May 17th 2011 by Pat

We were in a huge parade today along with hundreds of other bearded men from around the world.

Everyone in town was dressed up beautifully for the occasion and I’ve never seen such a sight. There were thousands of radiant, healthy people lining the streets in their finest clothes, waving flags and cheering.

Lou really hammed it up in his pirate outfit and the locals loved him.

To say it was uplifting isn’t enough, my face hurts from smiling.

WBMC – Gratulerer med dagen!

Tuesday, May 17th 2011 by Pat

Today is the National Day here in Norway and we’re off to march in a parade soon!

The World Beard and Moustache Championship has been a few fast and spinning days filled with interesting people from around the world.

Yesterday we took a train out to Sticklestad and played tourists in the rain and then rushed back to Trondheim in time to catch a packed soccer game at Lerkendal Stadium. In the evening we went out and celebrated with one of our Norwegian hosts and ended up wandering around Trondheim until it was light again.

The Norwegian Moustache Club members pulled together a well organized event and even though no one from our group placed better than a certificate of participation, we’re loving every minute of Norway.

More photos, audio and video once we get home and can sift through it all.

WBMC – Mini-Radio

Sunday, May 15th 2011 by Pat

It’s been a whirlwind so far, we’re trimming, clipping, and waxing up for the big competition which starts in about an hour.

Here are a few mini-interviews from the days leading up to the championships.

Exploring Trodheim..
[audio:/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/in-trondheim.mp3|titles=In Trondheim]

[audio:/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/honni-puffs.mp3|titles=Honni Puffs]


Bragging about Aaron..

John’s story..

A little discussion of beards in the U.K.
[audio:/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/uk.mp3|titles=In the UK]

In Norway there’s a crazy event called Russ that is going on this time of year..

Fish and blueberries..

We met some Belgians who visited Juneau, they were fans of the beer…
[audio:/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/amber.mp3|titles=Alaskan Amber]

It’s about time for the event to start..
[audio:/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/event-start.mp3|titles=Event Start]

Jess is hot for musketeers..
[audio:/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/hot-for-musketeers.mp3|titles=Hot for Musketeers]

[audio:/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/passed-out.mp3|titles=Passed Out]

WBMC – Registration Day

Saturday, May 14th 2011 by Pat

We’re still adjusting to our sleep deprivation and timezone shift which means Jamie, Aaron and I woke up early and wandered the empty streets of Trondheim. It was a good outing and a long day culminating in official registration and a social mixer.

I’ll be updating our Flickr stream with new photos as we go…