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Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

Monday, February 4th 2013 by Pat

When I visited England last fall, we were traveling at an incredible pace and I had only a few tiny moments to myself.

During one brief hiccup in time, I managed to slip away to Kensington Gardens where the Peter Pan statue lives among the trees and ducks. I’ve always loved Peter Pan, more so after meeting and studying with Stewart Stern.

I just had enough time to do some cursory sketches, snap a few photos and breathe the air. When I returned to Juneau, I completed this illustration.


If you like it, I have a few limited prints available in our gallery and online store. Here are some of my sketches…

peter sketches

Miss Havisham

Thursday, January 31st 2013 by Pat

Miss Havisham is one of the best characters ever written.


Monday, January 21st 2013 by Pat

When his parents were killed by meteors, Rex Wayne swore to avenge them and became..

Check your Facts and Cite your Sources

Monday, January 7th 2013 by Pat

Tired of disputing fast flying infographics with logic and research? Maybe you’ll find this useful…

Check your Facts

The illustration isn’t my own, I just changed the text. The art is from the brilliant ride sharing WWII poster by Weimer Pursell.

Mordor Unlimited

Tuesday, December 11th 2012 by Pat

I was traveling through England with Marian and we ended up in Birmingham for a meetup with her fans. Birmingham, as it turns out, is where J.R.R. Tolkien grew up and where he saw the pastoral lifestyle of his youth trampled by the industrial revolution. This immediately got me thinking about drawing orcs in business suits.

I love the idea of orcs in suits.

So here are a few comics that loosely inspect the pastoral/industrial conflict in the Lord of the Rings through the all-seeing eye of Mordor Unlimited Finance.

It’s kind of a Bane Capital meets The Office meets Sauron thing.

Cat People

Thursday, November 15th 2012 by Pat

This comic was inspired by the past few weeks of traveling through cat infested homes with an allergy stricken guitarist. We were wondering what the world would be like if we shared it with cat people. Probably more sneezy.

Lou points out that cat people would require a tail hole in their pants which would mean inevitable breezy moments for we, the non-tailed bipeds.

I thought I’d include one of my pencil sketches for the comic, I usually scan or photograph these and then work over the top. There’s something about the clean edges on the new lines that steal some of the life from the initial sketch, I’ll have to figure out a way to better retain that voice in my lines.

Sky Surfing

Wednesday, October 31st 2012 by Pat

I suppose this one is fairly similar to my other comic about flying, there’s just something magical, inspiring, and terrifying about floating through the sky in the belly of an aluminum tube… even if the math does work out.

I’m told the math works out. It does, right? It’s sure going to be awkward when someone actually checks the math and discovers giant metal birds really shouldn’t be able to soar across the Earth.

Of course I’m thinking about flying because I’ve been recently. I’m off trekking about Europe with Marian Call and Scott Barkan, it’s a really wonderful experience, I recommend it.

Here’s a picture of me with a ton of camera gear strapped to my front, a bag of perpetually dirty clothes on my back and a couple giant boxes full of CDs and miscellaneous gig equipment. Escalators are easy. The fun part is when we hit a narrow stairwell or an overcrowded train.

Home soon. Loads of photos and sketches to share when I get back.

Philosophy Club

Monday, October 22nd 2012 by Pat

Rule 1: We do not think about Philosophy Club

I made this comic because I thought it would be fun to draw René Descartes, he just looks like a total bad-ass French dude. Kant makes an appearance as well, playing the part of the stuffy philosophy club president.

I haven’t studied much philosophy, maybe one class somewhere along the trail, but I sure do think it’s a romantic pursuit. I’m not sure if being a philosopher is a profession these days or if it’s just a collateral occupation to anyone who thinks about the world.

My favorite contemporary philosophers have mostly disguised themselves as comic creators – Bill Watterson, Randall Munroe, Kazu Kibuishi. I also like Malcom Gladwell and Michael Pollan. Bob Ross. I think he counts. Yeah, Bob Ross definitely counts.

As it happens, I’m writing this from France, just a few blocks from Voltaire’s house. It’s nice outside. I’m going to go explore, that’s what a philosopher would do.

Athena Returns

Thursday, October 4th 2012 by Pat

Some days that coffee table is a mile wide and you aren’t even sure who’s sitting across from you. Other days, it’s hardy even a splinter.

I’m not sure what causes human connections to ebb and flow.. probably a small wood sprite takes up residence in your spleen and slowly turns your heart to oak. A good dose of hot soup should cure the problem. If there’s one thing wood sprites hate, it’s warm and nourishing soups.


Friday, July 27th 2012 by Pat

I got back from Comic Con last week and realized it’s been way too long since I was publishing web comics with any kind of regularity.

I’ve decided I’ll be doing this more often. It makes me happy.

Zeus is Poseidon’s older brother and king of the gods. He chases skirts, skips meetings, and he’s quick to anger but he’s a good dude anyway.

He would have been the youngest sibling but his dad, Chronos, swallowed all the other kids and barfed them up in reverse chronological order which somehow makes him the oldest.