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Election Special 2010

Friday, October 22nd 2010 by Pat

We slapped together some shorts for the Sounds of Silence Political Theatre event in Anchorage last week…

Star Wars Editorial Cartoons

Thursday, September 2nd 2010 by Pat

While I’m on a Star Wars kick…

Mike Krahulik over at Penny Arcade added to his collection of Star Wars editorial cartoons last week.

I love his work but it’s very rebel alliance and I thought I should speak up for the hard working men and women of the Empire…

I like the idea of looking at the Star Wars galaxy from the eyes of a good imperial citizen. A galaxy upsidedown where ewoks are terrorists, the Jedi are religious extremists, and the one man trying to bring justice to the galaxy is the good Emperor, a man who won’t let anything stop him on his quest for peace.

Dude, I heard Darth Vader went to school at the Jedi Academy, aren’t we supposed to be fighting the Jedi? Isn’t that the same religion that flew X-Wing fighters into the Death Star and killed 37 million people? Vader doesn’t even have a birth certificate, how is he commander-in-chief of the galactic army? This body armor sucks against lasers.

Poul Jensen’s Time Lapse Photography

Tuesday, August 17th 2010 by Pat

Poul Jensen, a midfielder for the Rusty Buffalo and Space Physics grad student in Fairbanks, shared some of his time lapse footage with me this weekend.

This collection of his older work hints at the skill and thoughtful subject matter found in his latest pieces, to see those you’ll have to track down Poul and his Zombie defibrillating laptop.

Get yer JUMP tickets

Wednesday, August 11th 2010 by Lou

JUMP Film Festival tickets now available at Lucid Reverie! Call 586-3440 or visit for more info.

Oil Spill News

Wednesday, June 2nd 2010 by Pat

Fake news. It’s exactly the same as the real news but slightly less absurd.

I want to make more of these but I’ve got too much work this next week and then I’m heading out to my cabin until the end of the month.

I guess the oil spill will still be here when I get back… that’s depressing.

Really, why don’t they just drop a giant boulder on the thing? Bill Nye the Science Guy says we need one that weighs about 6000 tons.


Monday, April 12th 2010 by Pat

I’m on the road in Portland. I spent the weekend judging regional Student Academy Award submissions and on Wednesday I’ll be hosting a screening of JUMP Society films at the Whitsell Auditorium as part of the Northwest Film Center’s NW Tracking program.

I’ll have a new comic up later in the day but here are some sketchbook scans until then, a few are from this trip and a few are from before I left.

A girl on the airplane and the view from the window.



Monday, March 29th 2010 by Pat

This made my day. It’s a picture of Joel David Moore mimicking one of our comics, you might recognize him as Norm Spellman from Avatar.

A couple weeks ago I received an email from Yolanda Holly, the President and CEO of the Medi-Rub Corporation. She saw the the comic I made about our crew’s soul hollowing experience at the public market annex and noticed a thinly veiled reference to her product.

I was worried she might be writing to threaten legal action but it turns out she has a great sense of humor and went out of her way to snap this great picture at a GBK Productions event the night before the Oscars.

Pat, I am amused by your colorful nature and your humor in which you have chosen to portray the Medi-Rub Massager. Your drawing was brought to my attention by our Alaskan Distributors. I appreciate your support in helping them succeed as they are hard working people, doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc. You are very creative and an independent movie producer. This may give you a giggle.

Thanks to everyone involved – The Alaskan Distributors who snitched on me, Yolanda who found humor in my work, and to a gracious Joel David Moore for posing in the photo.

I wish more companies acted this way.

Faces of Aces

Wednesday, February 10th 2010 by Pat

Alaska’s economy is often described as a three legged stool, the squeaky leg is petroleum.

What bothers me most about the “Faces of Aces” commercial is that it isn’t just a corporate message speaking to the public, it’s meant to speak for the public. This is the oil industry putting on a clever mask and pretending to be a concerned citizen.

I remember the last time major players in the petroleum industry tried to rewrite tax law, they were caught bribing a good chunk of the legislature. After that, the new tax, ACES, wasn’t quite what they wanted. Never mind that they’re still raking in billions in profit, the big oil companies are standing out on the corner ringing their bells.

The oil and gas taxes are a tough balance and a far more complicated nest than I can understand. I’m just happy that the group funding the “Faces of Aces” advertisement is called “The Alliance.” Their logo is a chain. It just automatically makes them the bad guys, right?

If you need more context for this short bit of satire, please read Krestia’s article at the Anchorage Press – “For whom the bell tolls.”

If you’re interested in Alaska politics you might want to watch some of our other political satire pieces from the past few years.

Megatons of Awesome

Wednesday, January 27th 2010 by Pat

I love these openers Mike Martinez put together for UAF Nanook Hockey.

Dropping bombs into a volcano? Brilliant! I’ve never been more proud to be a Nanook Alum.

It seems to be an evolving project and I can’t wait to see what comes next year. Personally, I’m rooting for more cold fire and a finale involving a giga-nanook sending the earth into the sun with a super nova inducing slap shot.

Good job Mike!!


Life Eats Comics

Monday, January 25th 2010 by Pat

Comics have been temporarily displaced by commercial work and an avalanche of other distractions but I’ll be back at it next week.

The above image is part of a commissioned piece I’m working on. It’s been a great project but way too time consuming. I’ll share the rest of the image once I’m finished.

This week we’re all scrambling to prepare for the JUMP Society Film Festival. Locally made short films on a sesame seed bun. Delicious!