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Spaceship Party!! – 5/03/2013

Friday, May 3rd 2013 by Pat

For those who missed the transition, I’ve stopped calling the Alaska Robotics Gallery Newsletter a “Newsletter.” We now have Spaceship Parties. They aren’t tied to any specific release date and we try to put some good news in there for everyone.

In this edition, Quilts!? – Puppets!! – Our One Year Birthday Party!!!

Help Wanted

Thursday, April 11th 2013 by Pat

We’re looking for a couple part-time employees who want to work at the gallery this summer. We’d like to find people who can work 10-25hrs/week on a semi-flexible schedule.

Resumes due to Aaron by 4/19.

We’re also casting for an upcoming television commercial. The shoot is around April 21-24. Actors will be needed for about 3 hours during that time and production assistants will need to be ready to rock throughout the shoot. Call the office or gallery for more info – 586-3440 or 523-0303.

help wanted

Scott C. & Kate Beaton

Tuesday, April 9th 2013 by Pat

scott& kate 525

We have two amazing artists visiting Juneau this April and we have a whole bunch of fun events planned while they’re in town. Space is limited for the workshops so get registered early!!

Scott C

Scott C, sometimes Scott Campbell, is the creator of the online series called the GREAT SHOWDOWNS and Double Fine Action Comics. He was Art Director at Double Fine Productions on such games as Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. He recently began illustrating picture books with Zombie In Love and East Dragon West Dragon from Simon&Schuster. His paintings can be seen in galleries and magazines around the world. He lives in New York City in a house made of bricks.

Kate Beaton

Kate Beaton is the creator of Hark! A Vagrant, a comic often featuring historical and literary figures. Her collected volumes have won numerous awards and Hark! A Vagrant was named by Time magazine as one of the top ten fiction books of the year.

Events & Workshops

Saturday, April 13th / Noon – 2:00ish
Hang out and draw at the Alaska Robotics Gallery

Thursday, April 18th / 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Evening lecture at Goldtown Nickelodeon
Kate & Scott talk about their work and experiences

Friday, April 19th / 4:30pm – 7:00pm
Gallery party time, signing books, hanging out, eating cheese

Saturday, April 20th / 10:00am – 12:30pm
WORKSHOP – Brainstorming!!! Scott C will help you develop characters and backstory, this workshop is a great chance to roll up your sleeves and draw while learning about story and design. All Ages & Skill Levels are welcome!
*Workshop space limited!! – Register at Alaska Robotics Gallery

Saturday, April 20th / 1:30pm – 4:00pm
WORKSHOP – Find your Voice with Kate Beaton. Kate will share some super-secret ways to communicate your voice visually. Also, lots of drawing! All Ages & Skill Levels are welcome!
*Workshop space limited!! – Register at Alaska Robotics Gallery

The workshops are $15/each or $25 for both. If you can’t afford it, come talk to us, we’re very reasonable people.

For more information, visit us at the Alaska Robotics Gallery, 220 Front St.

Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens

Monday, February 4th 2013 by Pat

When I visited England last fall, we were traveling at an incredible pace and I had only a few tiny moments to myself.

During one brief hiccup in time, I managed to slip away to Kensington Gardens where the Peter Pan statue lives among the trees and ducks. I’ve always loved Peter Pan, more so after meeting and studying with Stewart Stern.

I just had enough time to do some cursory sketches, snap a few photos and breathe the air. When I returned to Juneau, I completed this illustration.


If you like it, I have a few limited prints available in our gallery and online store. Here are some of my sketches…

peter sketches

Alaska Robotics Gallery Newsletter 004

Friday, December 7th 2012 by Pat

The latest gallery newsletter is about four miles long due to an overly windy holiday shopping pitch and several glowing reviews of local artists. Enjoy!

Also, a reminder — Gallery walk is tonight — Friday, December 7th. Mitch’s artwork looks great and he’s got the original pencils on display as well.

Hope you make it!

Alaska Robotics Gallery Newsletter 003

Thursday, November 22nd 2012 by Pat

Happy Thanksgiving! I just sent out the latest gallery newsletter and it’s stuffed with news you may or may not be interested in, here’s the executive summary:

Sarah’s new book arrived, life drawing on Tuesdays, we’ll be at public market this weekend, call for submissions for the 6th-12th grade student show of comic arts, roller derby calendars are here, recommended reads and something about a moose…

Gallery Newsletter

Wednesday, October 3rd 2012 by Pat

Now that we have a physical space, a kick-ass gallery in downtown Juneau, we’ve launched a bi-monthly newsletter to keep people up to date on events, shows, and visiting artists.

If you’re here in Juneau, you’ll probably want to fill out our newsletter registration form.

If you don’t need more email and just want to peek in occasionally from time to time and see what we’re up to on this end of the world, I’ll be posting links to all the newsletters right here, like this…

Communications is complicated with so many options out there and…. Excuse me, a warning, if you feel like jumping ship as I digress into an explanation of our communication methods and technology, now would be a good time to stop reading.

Still here? Fool. I will now bore you with a hodgepodge of communications related stream of consciousness writing. See. Even the word communications begs you toward slumber.

Roller Derby

Wednesday, May 23rd 2012 by Pat

This is our advertisement for the roller derby, I love it and wanted to share.

Commemorative Bear Prints

Monday, May 7th 2012 by Pat

If anyone likes the bear illustration I did for the opening, it’s available as a Limited Edition Giclée Print signed by me, Lou, and Aaron. This is a big deal, items signed by Aaron Suring are impossible to find on eBay these days.

What other words can I add while I’m in huckster mode? Commemorative! It’s a Limited Edition Commemorative Special Triple Signature Giclée Print.. and like those plates, these prints are virtually guaranteed to go up with value. There are only thirty-two copies in existence. Thirty-two.

Thirty-two is a number with no particular significance to me and, quite frankly, a print run of thirty-two sets off all my twitchy OCD alarms but that’s how many we made. I should probably gin-up some justification for making thirty-two prints to calm my inner numerical anxiety. Ahh.. yes, thirty-two is the ASCII code for “space” and this is the print commemorating the opening of our new space.. therefore, thirty-two. Excellent. I feel better. Now go buy a print!

Speaking of prints, a big thanks to Lemon Creek Digital for turning the order around so quickly and for rolling out all of our fancy-pants giclée prints right here in Juneau. David Riccio is the man.