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Scott C. & Kate Beaton

Tuesday, April 9th 2013 by Pat

scott& kate 525

We have two amazing artists visiting Juneau this April and we have a whole bunch of fun events planned while they’re in town. Space is limited for the workshops so get registered early!!

Scott C

Scott C, sometimes Scott Campbell, is the creator of the online series called the GREAT SHOWDOWNS and Double Fine Action Comics. He was Art Director at Double Fine Productions on such games as Psychonauts and Brutal Legend. He recently began illustrating picture books with Zombie In Love and East Dragon West Dragon from Simon&Schuster. His paintings can be seen in galleries and magazines around the world. He lives in New York City in a house made of bricks.

Kate Beaton

Kate Beaton is the creator of Hark! A Vagrant, a comic often featuring historical and literary figures. Her collected volumes have won numerous awards and Hark! A Vagrant was named by Time magazine as one of the top ten fiction books of the year.

Events & Workshops

Saturday, April 13th / Noon – 2:00ish
Hang out and draw at the Alaska Robotics Gallery

Thursday, April 18th / 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Evening lecture at Goldtown Nickelodeon
Kate & Scott talk about their work and experiences

Friday, April 19th / 4:30pm – 7:00pm
Gallery party time, signing books, hanging out, eating cheese

Saturday, April 20th / 10:00am – 12:30pm
WORKSHOP – Brainstorming!!! Scott C will help you develop characters and backstory, this workshop is a great chance to roll up your sleeves and draw while learning about story and design. All Ages & Skill Levels are welcome!
*Workshop space limited!! – Register at Alaska Robotics Gallery

Saturday, April 20th / 1:30pm – 4:00pm
WORKSHOP – Find your Voice with Kate Beaton. Kate will share some super-secret ways to communicate your voice visually. Also, lots of drawing! All Ages & Skill Levels are welcome!
*Workshop space limited!! – Register at Alaska Robotics Gallery

The workshops are $15/each or $25 for both. If you can’t afford it, come talk to us, we’re very reasonable people.

For more information, visit us at the Alaska Robotics Gallery, 220 Front St.

Oil Taxes

Tuesday, March 26th 2013 by Pat

I guess this is my public testimony. I write and read and make things and I hope those things will float out into the world and help nudge our collective consciousness towards a better place.

I felt like this video was heavy handed and not as funny as some of the other political stuff I’ve done in the past but I’m also feeling the weight of a lot of frustration and futility. It was just a few years ago that we trudged through the VECO scandal and my faith in our state government never really recovered.

Ethics are as lax as ever, we have lawmakers who work for oil companies voting on issues that will directly affect their careers and pocketbooks. It’s a mess.

The amount of money Governor Parnell’s proposed tax structure costs Alaska over the next few years is estimated to be in the 5-6 billion dollar range.

To put that in perspective, for that amount, Alaska could own the New York Yankees, Manchester United, and the Dallas Cowboys.

According to the Forbes Global 2000 we could use that money to pick up Tesoro, US Steel, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, Goodyear, Safeway, or even bigger fish if we just wanted a controlling interest.

Or we could start our own oil drilling company.

The argument I usually hear against a state owned oil company is corruption and inefficiency. Well, the corruption is already there and a state owned oil company could only be more transparent to the public and lawmakers. Right now, people are trying to make important decisions based on speculation rather than information.

Inefficient? Yes, it would probably be massively inefficient but all those jobs and all that leaky money would stay right here in Alaska. It’s the Ted Stevens model of trickle down economics, corruption and inefficiency filling the pockets of locals and spilling out into the regional economy.

Whatever happens, oil is a finite resource and we should be preparing for decline and transition in the long game.

Also, I’m really tired of hearing about North Dakota. Let’s come up with a plan that works for Alaska.

Alaska Robotics Gallery Newsletter 004

Friday, December 7th 2012 by Pat

The latest gallery newsletter is about four miles long due to an overly windy holiday shopping pitch and several glowing reviews of local artists. Enjoy!

Also, a reminder — Gallery walk is tonight — Friday, December 7th. Mitch’s artwork looks great and he’s got the original pencils on display as well.

Hope you make it!

Alaska Robotics Gallery Newsletter 003

Thursday, November 22nd 2012 by Pat

Happy Thanksgiving! I just sent out the latest gallery newsletter and it’s stuffed with news you may or may not be interested in, here’s the executive summary:

Sarah’s new book arrived, life drawing on Tuesdays, we’ll be at public market this weekend, call for submissions for the 6th-12th grade student show of comic arts, roller derby calendars are here, recommended reads and something about a moose…

Little Mikey

Wednesday, November 21st 2012 by Pat

“There’s the famous cook coming down the street!”

I recently completed a mini-doc on Little Mikey, a former resident at the Glory Hole Shelter in Juneau who now works there as a cook.

The Glory Hole Shelter is a grungy, heartbreaking window into a reality we often ignore. There are alcohol problems, crazies, and a lot of hard luck. I’d been led to believe that I would find a bunch of sneaky communists milking the system but that wasn’t my experience. These were genuine people with genuine needs helping each other and helping themselves in the process.

I tried to fit as much as I could into this two minutes and may do an extended cut if that’s something people are interested in seeing, let me know.

This was a project commissioned by the Rasmuson Foundation, the same organization that hired me to create a mini-doc on Kes Woodward last spring.

If you’d like to make a donation to the Glory Hole Shelter, just stop by and drop off some food. Better to do it later in the winter when all the holiday goodwill is buried in three feet of snow. They had plenty of mustard when I was there, I don’t think they’ll need mustard for a while.

.. and for those outside Juneau, the Glory Hole shelter is named for a mining term meaning a surface depression (or big hole) caused by underground mining. Not the other thing.

Bear on a Wet Tin Roof

Thursday, September 20th 2012 by Pat

Bears are fairly common in downtown Juneau, this guy was climbing around on our roof yesterday. He sure was itchy and incredibly agile.

This bears was probably drawn to downtown Juneau by garbage and other delicious aromas. This particular alley is often littered with trash from local winos and must have smelled appealing.

There’s been an effort to enforce bear proof garbage containers which has done a lot for the problem but “bear proof” doesn’t always mean bear proof to these clever animals and sometime they get bold enough to skip the bin and break directly into homes and businesses.

I know several people who have had bears in their homes and while I haven’t heard of them hurting anyone, there’s a frightening potential for a physical encounter. My dad had a few cubs wander into his house and my mom had a bear climb in her bedroom window and get away with a bag of sugar a couple years back. Live here long enough and you’ll probably have a bear story too.

The story of this particular bear has a sad ending. He was hauled away and killed not long after being darted. A news article mentions that this is likely the same bear that invaded a downtown yogurt shop and was seen climbing on another rooftop in the area. He was a repeat offender and was getting far too comfortable around people. I don’t know if it would have been possible to relocate him but some attempts to relocate has been unsuccessful and expensive.

If you’re concerned about bears, please keep Juneau tidy and store your garbage indoors until garbage day.

Marian Call’s European Adventure Quest

Monday, July 23rd 2012 by Pat

Marian’s Kickstarter has been wildly successful and I want to thank everyone who has helped to fund her project. She’s going to be touring a good chunk of Europe, recording a live album, creating some new songs, and doing some incredible covers of old favorites (Muppets, TMBG, Beatles!)

She’s also getting herself a much needed laptop and a few other bits of essential recording equipment to keep her music business alive and I’m happy to see so many people supporting her in her work. This is patronage.

It’s not pure charity though, far from it. If you’ve pledged, you’re getting much more in return than coffee mugs and T-shirts. The rewards at various levels are incredibly generous. The live album and “Got to Fly” for $15. Digital downloads of all her music for $35 including a bunch of stretch goal cover songs. A full length original song for a mere $2000!!?! Plus that warm fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing you supported the arts very directly and immediately.

Ok. That’s my pitch on behalf of someone I care about a great deal. There’s just over a day left and I hope you’ll all consider making a pledge or raising the level of your existing pledge as the last few hours tick away. Thank you.

Alaska Filmmakers Interview

Tuesday, June 19th 2012 by Pat

So… These dudes have a TV show where they interview Alaska filmmakers. As it turns out, I’m a filmmaker in Alaska. Behold.

Thanks to D.K. Johnston, Josh Lowman and the rest of the gang at Tri-Seven Pictures for editing out all the tantrums I threw during the shoot.

Also, I discovered that I have an IMDB page. I’m apparently in the sound department.

Kes Woodward

Thursday, June 7th 2012 by Pat

I was recently commissioned by the Rasmuson Foundation to create a mini-doc on Kes Woodward, a visual artist from Fairbanks and the recipient of the 2012 Distinguished Artist Award.

Kes was an incredibly gracious host. Lou and I arrived at a time when he was between studios, between homes, and between lives but he found room for us and carved out two days from a very busy schedule.

We talked about life and art and wandered around in the birch forests of Fairbanks as the summer greens were beginning to overpower the chalky dusty colors of early spring, it was a wonderful experience.

We shot way too much footage for this tiny documentary and there was so much more I wish I could have included.

Kes reads every Wednesday morning to a class of Kindergarten students, he’s active in his community and church, he’s an explorer looking within and without to discover truths about the world and he shares his discoveries with anyone who is willing to listen.

Kes has a rare and subtle enthusiasm that fills you with curiosity and a calming sense that the world might be an ok place.

This film also features the poetry of state writer laureate Peggy Shumaker and the instrumental compositions of Marian Call. It was quite an impressive group of Alaskan artists on board for this project.

Roller Derby

Wednesday, May 23rd 2012 by Pat

This is our advertisement for the roller derby, I love it and wanted to share.