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Saffron Limerick

Wednesday, April 27th 2011 by Pat

Here’s my entry for Marian Call’s limerick contest. If you’ve seen Firefly, you’ll probably remember Saffron.

Fruit Falls

Wednesday, February 16th 2011 by Pat

I really enjoyed this song and music video by George Kuhar, it was screened at the winter JUMP Society film festival and was definitely one of the highlights for me.

George thanked me in the credits but I want to be clear that he did all the work on this, I just digitized some footage for him. He processed it so much I didn’t even realize I’d made a contribution.

The JUMP Society Film Festival is a screening we host twice a year to showcase locally made short films. We’ve been doing it for about nine years now and it just keeps getting better and better. This time around we had over three hours of short film submissions to pick from, usually we try to include everything but we had to cut it down quite a bit. A few feelings were hurt but we had to try to be as inclusive as possible without subjecting the audience to a marathon.

For a population of just about thirty thousand, Juneau sure has some pockets of talent and creativity.

Taylor White – Aftermath

Monday, January 10th 2011 by Pat

On the early morning of June 5th, 2009, Taylor White was killed in a drunk driving accident.

After Taylor’s death, a foundation was formed by his family and friends to help others learn from the mistakes that were made that night.

When Kevin White, Taylor’s father, first approached me about working on a documentary for the foundation I wasn’t very enthusiastic and, quite honestly, tried to give him the runaround.

I didn’t want to get pulled into what sounded like a long, challenging and emotionally draining project but here I am on the other side of the process and happy to have been a part of telling the story.

What we created is ostensibly a “Don’t Drink and Drive” film but there are deeper themes rattling around as well. It’s hard for me to watch, young people are surrounded by a feeling of invulnerability and to see that shattered is heartbreaking.

I guess there are a million films like this rotting on the shelves of health classes and youth centers but I feel like this one has a little more integrity, a little more grit, and can be more effective on a local level than some of the uncomfortable films I was subjected to in my health class at JDHS.

If I get one wish for it, I hope that this film can give parents and young adults a chance to have a good honest discussion about some of the realities they face.


Monday, January 10th 2011 by Pat

I’m taking a watercolor class at the Canvas taught by local illustrator Averyl Veliz.

The first day was mostly just noodling around and learning about the medium but I did get one little painting done. I don’t like how the stars all ended up in a big square glob but other than that I was pleased and I’m excited to dig in a little more next weekend.

My Niece Hurt Her Finger.

Friday, January 7th 2011 by Pat

Season’s Greetings

Friday, December 24th 2010 by Pat

Have a happy Hanukkah, a convivial Christmas, a pleasant pagan pizza party, or wonderful whatever.

Much love,
Alaska Robotics

No amount of Frankincense or Myrrh could cover up the smell of the holy ghost.

Yes, Virginia

Wednesday, November 24th 2010 by Pat

Ok ok ok. Maybe this is too much tinsel and corn syrup to be ladling on before Thanksgiving but I’m excited to see that our friend, Bill Sneed, did the lead character design work for the upcoming Christmas Special, “Yes, Virginia.”

The character will also appear in gigantic balloon form for the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade. That’s a pretttty cool thing for a designer to see their work floating through New York City streets.

Billy also dabbles in an occasional non-Christmas themed animation. I love this music video for “Ohio” by Outside Royalty.

It’s even better because the producer credit goes to Jody MacKinnon, one of my first and dearest childhood friends. Jody bolted from Juneau right after high school and people are always asking me what she’s been doing.. apparently producing amazing music videos!

Sarah’s book is finally here!

Friday, November 19th 2010 by Slaal

Several hefty boxes showed up today.  A glance at the labels on the boxes was all it took to get me psyched:

Pat was in a meeting and I was also supposed to be paying attention.  So I tried to stay somewhat low-key while excitedly cracking the boxes open but I was dancing in glee while waiting for the business talk to wrap up.

Sarah has told me how big they are several times now, but they just seem so much bigger and shinier in real life.

We will have a big party and book signing when Sarah get’s back to town in a month or so.  But in the meantime, I know you all want your very own copy.  Come down to the office and get one quick before they’re all gone (we promise to order more if we sell out), or order yours from our online store.  On sale now!  A whole month and a half before that silly Amazon place.

I know what my nephew is getting for Thanksgiving!  I can’t be expected to wait for Christmas.

Is there anything else left for me to say except:

CONGRATULATIONS SARAH!!!!  You (and your book) rock!

Well, I am still me, so the congrats.. ..and one more link to the store.

The Best Beards and Moustaches in the World

Monday, November 15th 2010 by Pat

We picked up a ton of footage when we attended the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Anchorage last year and always intended to cut together a few mini-docs with what we captured. This new one is a collection of some of the better portraits and closeups.

There were a few rounds of competition that we lost to a defective memory card as explained in the Alaskan Whaler mini-doc. Too bad. I wish we’d come home with more mutton chop.

There were several other film crews at the event and I’ve just seen a little of their footage so far. The trailer for “Beardo,” stands out as looking well crafted and I can’t wait to see if Aaron turns up in their feature.

Also, on a sadder, but equally bearded note, news came to us via Jamie Karnik that a man was forced to eat his own beard. Oh the humanity!

Alaskan Whaler

Wednesday, November 3rd 2010 by Pat

In 2009, we attended the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Anchorage, Alaska. It was too close to home to miss. We had a great time and Aaron came back with a second place commemorative gold pan for the Alaskan Whaler category. This is the tale of our adventure…

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The World Beard and Moustache Championships take place every two years and the next event is being held in Trondheim, Norway in May of 2011.

We plan to be there.