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Election Special 2010

Friday, October 22nd 2010 by Pat

We slapped together some shorts for the Sounds of Silence Political Theatre event in Anchorage last week…

Get yer JUMP tickets

Wednesday, August 11th 2010 by Lou

JUMP Film Festival tickets now available at Lucid Reverie! Call 586-3440 or visit for more info.

Ted Stevens

Tuesday, August 10th 2010 by Pat

Ted Stevens is gone. My condolences to his family and to the families of the other passengers on his flight.

It’s a strange feeling to lose such an iconic Alaskan. A tragedy for certain but I’d like to think that for Stevens this was the kind of ending he wanted. Tough sons of bitches generally don’t like dying of old age and Stevens was just that. He lived a full life punctuated by a plane crash in remote Alaska and, in my eyes, that beats withering away in a nursing home.

As a politician, Stevens sometimes played the hero and sometimes played the villain. He was a force of nature. The Incredible Hulk.

An occasional satirist, I couldn’t help taking a few jabs at Stevens but in the end he grew on me. I listened to his part in the corrupt bastards case and decided, “Damnit. I like Ted Stevens.” I didn’t want to like him but I couldn’t help it, he sounded like a good guy.

A couple weeks after I shared my thoughts on the case, an envelope arrived. Stevens had found what I wrote and scrawled out a hand written thank you note. Class act.

Alaska will miss you Ted Stevens, you were a provider. Hope you didn’t mind the zombie animation. I had to.

In the Trenches with Mike Hunt

Sunday, July 25th 2010 by Pat

I’ve been meaning to post this for a long time. Maybe I did post it, years ago. The future is the past. Regardless, it’s worth sharing again.

The Alaska Public Radio Network ran a show back in 2007 called “AK: In the Trenches,” and it featured a story on retired airman, Col. Howard “Mike” Hunt. I cut together all the good bits.


The original show can be caught here, it’s better listening to the whole thing but we’re busy people in busy times and we have to get back to our twitters and emails.

AK was a good radio show, the “This American Life” of Alaska, I’m sad that it’s over and hope it gets revived someday. I don’t know if Rebecca Sheir was in on the joke but I have to hope so given the episode’s title.

The Fairbanks News Miner also ran a story on the guy. He’s apparently a total badass and I have to believe he finds as much humor in all this as I do — otherwise I’m a douchebag making fun of an 88 year old war hero’s name.

Wedding Invitation

Wednesday, February 10th 2010 by Pat

I generally don’t do a lot of illustration work for hire, I’m too slow and I’d rather spend time drawing comics. I also have an innate fear of the word “wedding” so I don’t really know how this project came to fruition at all but when Nick and Jenny asked me to do their wedding invitations I couldn’t turn them down.

I think it had something to do with the use of the words like “viking” and “starfish” in their description of the project. I was already on board when Nick told me about Le Tigre, a midget in a tiger suit.

Congratulations to Nick and Jenny, I wish you many happy years ahead.

Here’s a larger version.

Faces of Aces

Wednesday, February 10th 2010 by Pat

Alaska’s economy is often described as a three legged stool, the squeaky leg is petroleum.

What bothers me most about the “Faces of Aces” commercial is that it isn’t just a corporate message speaking to the public, it’s meant to speak for the public. This is the oil industry putting on a clever mask and pretending to be a concerned citizen.

I remember the last time major players in the petroleum industry tried to rewrite tax law, they were caught bribing a good chunk of the legislature. After that, the new tax, ACES, wasn’t quite what they wanted. Never mind that they’re still raking in billions in profit, the big oil companies are standing out on the corner ringing their bells.

The oil and gas taxes are a tough balance and a far more complicated nest than I can understand. I’m just happy that the group funding the “Faces of Aces” advertisement is called “The Alliance.” Their logo is a chain. It just automatically makes them the bad guys, right?

If you need more context for this short bit of satire, please read Krestia’s article at the Anchorage Press – “For whom the bell tolls.”

If you’re interested in Alaska politics you might want to watch some of our other political satire pieces from the past few years.

Megatons of Awesome

Wednesday, January 27th 2010 by Pat

I love these openers Mike Martinez put together for UAF Nanook Hockey.

Dropping bombs into a volcano? Brilliant! I’ve never been more proud to be a Nanook Alum.

It seems to be an evolving project and I can’t wait to see what comes next year. Personally, I’m rooting for more cold fire and a finale involving a giga-nanook sending the earth into the sun with a super nova inducing slap shot.

Good job Mike!!


Life Eats Comics

Monday, January 25th 2010 by Pat

Comics have been temporarily displaced by commercial work and an avalanche of other distractions but I’ll be back at it next week.

The above image is part of a commissioned piece I’m working on. It’s been a great project but way too time consuming. I’ll share the rest of the image once I’m finished.

This week we’re all scrambling to prepare for the JUMP Society Film Festival. Locally made short films on a sesame seed bun. Delicious!

Diver Down

Tuesday, December 1st 2009 by Pat


I’m giving away the whole show, I never was good at keeping secrets. This one was an experiment in using contrasting colors to create an illusion of depth.

Far out man.

Whale vs Squid

Tuesday, December 1st 2009 by Pat

… I’m imagining this one on a giant canvas with a resin coat.