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Downtown Juneau is Full of Whores

Friday, November 15th 2013 by Pat

We’re into the final week on our Kickstarter Campaign for Alaska Robotics News and I’ll be counting down here by revisiting some of our favorite political satire projects from over the years. I hope you’ll donate to the project so we can make more and better episodes of our upcoming series.

Downtown vs. The Valley

My first foray into political satire was back in high school when my friends and I would con our teachers into letting us make videos instead of writing an essays.

In retrospect, it probably took ten times the effort. Sneaky teachers.

I kept making goofy short films through college and eventually came back around to political satire in 2004. It was a particularly bruising year for political attack ads and I was definitely inspired by all the ominous voices and brinksmanship.

Downtown vs. The Valley was my first stab at that creature, the beast of partisanship.

It’s no technical miracle by today’s standards but it holds up surprisingly well and people still catch me in the grocery store to tell me they shared it with a friend or were told to see it themselves before they moved here.

As far as Juneau goes, not much has changed. The valley did get their high school and a lot of the great people I worked with on this have sadly moved away but I do still see Leif cruising town with a big grin on his face and that always makes me happy.

“They’re not drunks. They like to drink. There’s a difference.”

– Leif Saya

Draw from Reference with Will Terrell

Wednesday, November 6th 2013 by Pat

I really really enjoyed this video of a guy chortling and drawing sharks. It also includes some really important lessons for people trying to develop a better visual vocabulary.

Kickstarter Update – Week 2

Wednesday, November 6th 2013 by Pat

Check it out – Alaska Robotics News

Snow Screen

Thursday, October 31st 2013 by Pat

The mini-doc Lou and I produced on Alaskan artist, Teri Rofkar, won an award at the Anchorage Museum’s Snow Screen Film Festival.

Very exciting for us but hardly fair considering what a fascinating and wonderful woman we were documenting. Her work is full of life and outlandishly time consuming, I only wish I had an ounce of her patience, fire and attention to detail.

The Charleston

Monday, October 28th 2013 by Pat

charlestonI’m doing the Charleston! Just so excited that our Alaska Robotics News project is going well. Already over halfway to our basement funding goal on the first day!

Check out the great article/radio interview that Lisa Phu put together at KTOO.

Alaska Robotics News

Monday, October 28th 2013 by Pat

We’re fundraising to create a satire news series during the 2014 Alaska legislative session. If that sounds like something you’d like to see exist, I hope you’ll support the project.

I’d also appreciate any help getting the word out about this. Tell a friend, tell a neighbor, post it to your social network of choice. Thank you!

In the Wild

Thursday, October 24th 2013 by Pat

Will Race captured this rare photograph of a wild beast wandering the streets of Paris, France. I’d just returned from the World Beard and Moustache Championships in Trondheim, Norway.

I like everything that is happening here.


Gallery Happenings

Monday, October 21st 2013 by Pat

This Saturday, October 26th, we’re having a Monster Drawing Workshop for kids and hosting our first ever Smash Brothers Tournament!

Read about this and more in our weird and irregular Alaska Robotics Gallery newsletter!

“Good Morning Moon” – Music Video

Friday, October 18th 2013 by Pat

I love this song and it was a pleasure to work with Marian and Arjan on the video production. I spent days looking through the NASA archives, you can get wayyy lost in there. Those are some lucky people up there doing laps around the globe.

Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it.







Images – ISS031-E-10147, ISS030-E-80656, ISS030-E-122954, ISS031-E-9464, ISS034-E-13860 (Lightning!), ISS034-E-17043

Fall Hours

Thursday, October 3rd 2013 by Pat

fall hours